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Get motivated to take heart-healthy steps

Your heart gives you power. With a healthy heart, you can do more of what you love — but it’s not always easy to break old habits or make healthy changes. Try these tips to get going on your journey to a healthier heart — and to help you keep at it.

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Write down your heart-health reasons

What specific things make you want to stay as healthy as possible? It could be finally taking that trip you and your partner have always dreamed of, being around to watch your grandkids grow up, or just wanting to feel your best each day. Whatever your heart-health reasons are — write them down and look at them whenever you need a motivation boost.

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Set a goal (any goal!)

You don’t have to tackle all your heart-health goals at once. Start by setting a realistic, short-term goal — for example, “walk for 15 minutes every day for 1 week” or “call my doctor to schedule a heart-health checkup by the end of the month.” Once you reach your first goal, you can build on your success and set another. Consider writing your goals down — putting them on paper and looking at them regularly can actually make you more likely to meet them.

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Celebrate your successes

Remember to celebrate each success along the way! Be proud of yourself for reaching your goal, however small it may seem. Even small steps can add up to big results.

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Team up for your heart

Tell the people you love about your focus on heart health and ask for whatever support you need along the way. For example, invite a friend to be your walking buddy — getting active together is more fun, and you can hold each other accountable for reaching your goals.